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Create your own menu for dine-in & delivery

No apps needed, offer your customers a contactless experience to order food & drinks
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Why a digital QR menu?

Show-off your menu

Show your amazing QR menu with images and differentiate your restaurant from the competition

Increase Sales and Reduce Costs

Encourage up-sells and recommend cross sells, have an easy promo codes and special offers. Entice your customers to spend more

Reduce cost & free up your staff

Make sure your staff focus on serving customers not wasting time on repetitive tasks

What your customers want?

Simple & intuitive ordering experience

Customers want to see what they are ordering

Not to wait for busy waiters

Customers want to order as soon as they crave for food and ready to order

Order safely

Maintain social distancing whilst having a full menu experience

How can Sirvy help you increase revenue?

With the full power of digital menus you can  feature Today’s Special, get an easy upsell, capture feedback and send a quick survey. All that in a Tourist Friendly Multi Language menu

Quick and easy upsell

Change your items anywhere anytime

Tourist Friendly Multi-Lingual Menu

Today’s Special

Feedback and Survey

Promo Codes and Offers

Sirvy Qr Code Dining

Easy as 1 , 2, 3
No app to download

  • Ready to take orders from every customer
  • Customers can ask for the bill or waiter
  • QR menu accessible from every table


Avoid using letter menus and enable a contactless ordering experience with QR menus.

Let your customers know your brand

Your brand your rules !

Create your menu with your brand colors and start receiving orders immediately

Sign-up and send us your menu

Send us your restaurant name, logo and menu

We create your menu

Our team will create the digital menu for you and send you the URL

Start receiving orders

Login in to your admin portal and start receiving orders right away

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